Revenue Verification for the Social Service Tax

June 1996
An assessment of whether the methods used by the ministry to maximize social service tax revenues were cost effective, and whether the ministry was reliably estimating the gap between tax revenues collected and due.

Enhancing Accountability for Performance: A Framework and Implementation Plan

April 1996
Sets out an accountability framework for government as a whole and for the ministries and Crown corporations.

British Columbia Ferry Corporation: Fleet and Terminal Maintenance Management Operational Safety

January 1996
An assessment of BC Ferries' maintenance programs and whether they met the requirements for operating a safe ferry system.

Report on the 1994/95 Public Accounts

October 1995
An annual report to inform legislators and the public about the Auditor General’s opinion of government’s Summary Financial Statements.

Enhancing Accountability for Performance in the British Columbia Public Sector

June 1995
Describes efforts of the OAG and the Deputy Ministers’ Council to improve accountability and performance management.