Protecting Drinking-Water Sources

March 1999
Management of drinking-water sources were not integrated and improvements were needed to manage the effects of resouces uses.

A Review of the Estimates Process in British Columbia

February 1999
A review of the governance and management of the estimates process, matters arising from the 1996 budget, and attributes of a well-designed process.

Report on Government Financial Accountability for the 1997/98 Fiscal Year - Part 1: Report on the 1997/98 Public Accounts

November 1998
An annual report to inform legislators and the public about the Auditor General’s opinion of government’s Summary Financial Statements.

Overview of the Provincial Government's Collection of Overdue Accounts Receivable

October 1998
An assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of government’s efforts to collect overdue accounts receivable.

Managing the Cost of Drug Therapies and Fostering Appropriate Drug Use

July 1998
Examines Ministry of Health processes for developing Pharmacare policies.