Report on the 1995/96 Public Accounts

April 1997
An annual report to inform legislators and the public about the Auditor General’s opinion of government’s Summary Financial Statements.  

Management of Travel: Ministry of Finance and Corporate Relations

April 1997
In this audit we assessed how well travel in the British Columbia government was managed with due regard for economy and efficiency.

Enhancing Accountability for Performance in the British Columbia Public Sector: A Progress Report to the Legislative Assembly

April 1997
Sets out the progress achieved by the Deputy Ministers’ Council regarding changes to the performance management system.

A Review of Government Revenue and Expenditure Programs Relating to Alcohol, Tobacco, and Gaming

March 1997
A review of how government deals with the problem of balancing social responsibilities with opportunities to maximize revenue.

Trucking Safety: Ministry of Transportation and Highways Motor Vehicle Branch

December 1996
An examination of whether the government's three trucking safety programs achieved trucking safety in a cost-effective manner.