BC Liquor Distribution Branch Directly Awarded Contracts

July 2019
In this audit, we looked at the supporting files for 74 contracts that the BC Liquor Distribution Branch directly awarded to suppliers, to support its business operations. We were looking to see if the LDB complied with procurement policies set out in government’s Core Policy and Procedures Manual when it issued the contracts.

Annual Report and Financial Statements 2018/19

June 2019
The 2018/19 annual report and accompanying financial statements. This report provides an overview of our performance and financial position over the last year, as well as a look at our current goals and priorities.

Oversight of Contracted Residential Services for Children and Youth in Care

June 2019
In this audit, we looked at the Ministry of Children and Family Development’s oversight of contracted residential services for children and youth in care.

Progress Audit: The Education of Aboriginal Students in the B.C. Public School System

June 2019
In this progress audit, we looked at changes government has made since our 2015 audit of the education of Aboriginal students in the B.C. public school system.

Service Plan 2019/20 - 2021/22

April 2019
In this service plan we outline the office's goals and strategies for the coming fiscal year, and how we will measure our progress. It covers the 2019/20 fiscal year, and includes targets through to 2021/22.

Detection and Response to Cybersecurity Threats on BC Hydro’s Industrial Control Systems

March 2019
In this audit, we looked at whether BC Hydro was effectively managing its cybersecurity risk by detecting, and responding to, cybersecurity incidents on its industrial control systems, which form an integral part of its electric power infrastructure.

The BC Oil and Gas Commission’s Management of Non-Operating Oil and Gas Sites

March 2019
In this audit, we focused on how the BC Oil and Gas Commission is managing the environmental and financial risks of non-operational oil and gas well sites.