The BC Oil and Gas Commission’s Management of Non-Operating Oil and Gas Sites

March 2019
In this audit, we focused on how the BC Oil and Gas Commission is managing the environmental and financial risks of non-operational oil and gas well sites.

Access to Emergency Health Services

February 2019
In this audit, we looked at whether British Columbia Emergency Health Services had effectively managed access to ambulance and emergency health services.

Progress Audit: Correctional Facilities and Programs

February 2019
In this progress audit, we looked at changes government has made since our 2015 audit of the Adult Custody Division’s correctional facilities and programs.

Rate-regulated Accounting at BC Hydro

February 2019
In this information report we explain rate-regulated accounting, both in general, and how it has been applied at BC Hydro.

The Short Term Illness and Injury Plan

January 2019
In this audit we looked at whether the Public Service Agency and a sample of ministries had controls in place to effectively manage the short term illness and injury plan.

Master Supplier File Maintenance

January 2019
In this audit we determined whether the Ministry of Finance maintains secure, valid, complete and accurate supplier information in the Corporate Accounting System.

Financial Statement Audit Coverage Plan 2019/20 - 2021/22

January 2019
The Financial Statement Audit Coverage Plan outlines a three-year financial audit plan, detailing which government organizations our office will audit directly and which will be audited by private sector auditors. The plan is prepared according to the Auditor General Act and professional auditing standards, and presented to the Select Standing Committee on Public Accounts for approval.