An Independent Audit of the Ministry of Citizens’ Services Real Estate Asset Sales Management

July 2018
In this audit, we looked at the Ministry of Citizens’ Services appropriate process’ to manage the sales of surplus government real estate assets during its two-year initiative called the Release of Assets for Economic Generation (RAEG). We also looked at if the ministry obtained the three stated benefits of its RAEG initiative.

Annual Report and Financial Statements 2017/18

July 2018
The 2017/18 annual report and accompanying financial statements. This report provides an overview of our performance and financial position over the last year, as well as a look ahead at our current goals and priorities.

Promoting Healthy Eating and Physical Activity in K-12: An Independent Audit

May 2018
This audit looked at whether the Ministries of Health and Education were working together to effectively oversee public school programs and policies that promote healthy eating and physical activity for children and youth in kindergarten to grade 12.

An Independent Audit of Executive Expenses at School District 61

May 2018
In this audit, we looked at the expense payments for six executives from School District 61 in Victoria. Specifically, we looked to see whether expenses that the school district paid on behalf of these executives complied with the district’s policies, and followed the spirit and intent of core government policy.

Service Plan 2018/19 - 2020/21

April 2018
This Service Plan covers the 2018/19 fiscal year, and includes targets through to 2020/21. It provides strategic direction for the office, and outlines its goals for the coming year and the indicators that will be used to evaluate progress. The performance audit and financial statement audit coverage plans identify the projects that the office plans to start over the next three years. The Annual Review of the Budgets of the Statutory Offices (including our office) is prepared by the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services and for approval by the Legislative Assembly.

Perspectives on Climate Change Action in Canada - A Collaborative Report from Auditors General

March 2018
This collaborative audit provides an overall and independent assessment of the state of climate change action in Canada, based on audit work released over the last 18 months by the auditors general across the country. A recording of the webinar is on the Office of the Auditor General of Canada's website. Managing Climate Change Risks: An Independent Audit was published by our office in February 2018.

Observations on the BC Utilities Commission

March 2018
This information report draws attention to key aspects of government task force reviews of the BC Utilities Commission that still warrant government’s consideration. The report also describes the roles and responsibilities of the commission.